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Our vision

Somnoon aspires to set the industry standard in the field of remote patient monitoring (RPM) for sleep disorders, with a profound impact on enhancing the quality of life for millions.
Somnoon aims to address this gap by leveraging our cutting-edge technology to serve this specific scenario.

With Somnoon, sleep doctors can effortlessly deliver remote monitoring services to their patients while receiving monthly reimbursement from insurance companies. Patients can conveniently access healthcare services from the comfort of their own homes, resulting in improved treatment adherence and overall outcomes. Furthermore, this approach positively impacts insurance companies by effectively reducing hospital readmissions.

An essential premise is that we have revolutionized the cumbersome traditional approach to OSA diagnosis by developing cutting-edge technology, making daily monitoring of sleep apnea possible.
At Somnoon, we offer a bundled service that combines software and medical devices. Our customers, primarily healthcare providers, pay based on usage, eliminating the burden of upfront costs.